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For this week’s class, to explore the international landscape of the internet, I want you all to go to Global Voices Online, which rounds out the bloggers around the world, and pick a country that begins with the same letter as your name (to get the country listing click on countries in the upper right-hand corner). Explore that country’s blogosphere and write your blog post of the week about your findings.

So I chose Thailand not because it start with letter “t” but because I spent two months there a few years ago and loved every minute of it – the good, the bad and the ugly. The piece about World Toilet Day is quite an interesting read, humorous and serious at the same time, something one would never get from an American blog. In the developed parts of the world, such as the United States, we don’t really worry about having access to toilets and proper sanitation. We just expect it. So it is good to read about what other people around the world are concerned about.

It’s like wow, you know sanitation is some parts of the world is a problem, but you never know how big and serious it is until you read it through someone else’s eyes.

So, the stuff on Global Voice Online was rather interesting but not as recent as most blogs I have been reading lately. So I went digging around the blog-o-sphere to see what I could find. I found a great site, Thailand Voice, Promoting Blogs from Thailand; they are on the Internet every day looking for quality articles and blogs about Thailand. They post extracts from new stories twice a day. So they have quite a few interesting reads on their site, that is geared toward a newsy angle. So it is great to see what people find interesting in the news to blog about. There are blogs about recycling, World Aids Day and the success of Thailand’s comprehensive prevention programs, and how the problems of Dubai have little to no effect of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). This is a site that houses many voices from different people with different perspectives.

Now there is a site, devised by Thailand’s Lost Boy, aka journalist and one-time Thailand resident Matt Crook. He listed the most popular/well-read Thai blogs – according to him because I am not sure what the criteria was when ranking the site and deciding who to put on the list. But if you’re curious about who’s in and who’s out, I recommend you take a look at the list, to see if you agree with his assessment.

So all, in all it was interesting to read blogs from another part of the world.


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  1. There are actually some fascinating and varied comments on this page,makes for excellent reading! thanks

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