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Black Friday is Almost Here!……my response is ehhhh, I’m not buying into the hype.

Alicia wrote a nice piece about Black Friday and all it entails.Black Friday info allows you to create shopping lists and find deals online on items that you are looking for. There are also Black Friday updates and deals on twitter with almost 3000 followers. At, you can scroll through all the deals from featured stores like Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart and Sears. There are also some amazing deals online at Amazon and big time retailer Wal-Mart, but be careful because some items might end up on backorder or out of stock. Apple also plans on having its biggest sale of the year this Friday and extending their store hours

I ask why wait for Black Friday, when you can go out buy whatever you want before it goes on sale. Most stores offer a price adjustment within seven- to- 14 days, along as bring in the receipt. So I say, why deal the hellish pre-dawn mornings, the packed crowds, and the driving around in circles looking for a parking space when you can buy in advance and just bring in your receipt to get your money back for the difference.

Plus if it is on sale on Friday,it will more than likely be on sale from now until Christmas. Black Friday is just a ploy to rev up a consumer frenzy so the retail industry will end the year on a good note. The myth that Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, is 100% false. As someone who once worked in retail, the days closer to Christmas generate more sales than the day after Thanksgiving. The true origin of Black Friday is about Laurence H. Black who was one of the best floor men in town, working in the men’s department of the old Osberger’s Department Store for over thirty years.

That could be because Christmas comes earlier and earlier each year. The date doesn’t change but the retail industry starts pushing Christmas day after Halloween. We no longer take the time out to true celebrate Thanksgiving like we used to. But that is discussion for another day.

So again I say take advantage of price adjustments policies, it is all about the frugal find. Now some people may disagree with the buy, return, re-buy strategy, feeling it cheats other people out of sales, but all is fair in love and retail. One must always try to be at least 5% smarter than system. Beside there are better ways to spend your time than standing in line with a bunch of yahoos at 2 in the morning in the freeze cold or getting trampled by the People of Wal-Mart for those falling price deals.


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  1. I found this great service to track out of stock items on Amazon:

    It works!

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