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Should we be afraid of Google?

Why, because it is an unstoppable gargantuan taking over the world. Or because it has become as important as having food, water, and shelter. For better or worse Google has become or is becoming something we can’t live without. The STL Social Media Guy has a fun post about how Google invaded his life in just 11 years.

Philip Lenssen foreshadows Google success at World domination in his piece Google Acquires the Internet (May 2017). Or Bill Synder’s article in PC World discussing why Google may be too big to fail. We all have come to rely on Google, when it comes to the Internet; Google is like the air we breathe. Synder writes, “Google has already achieved the enviable marketing distinction of turning its name into a verb. “There’s probably not an Internet user in the world (even Steve Ballmer) who hasn’t accessed it frequently for search and mapping. But if Google hates you it’s a long road back writes the cartoonist.

With the nature of the Internet ever changing the web is becoming increasingly centered on a few massive sites that take up a disproportionate amount of traffic. Google sits at the very top of the proverbial food chain, accounting for around six percent of all web traffic, and the top 30 web companies actually make up 30 percent of the overall Internet traffic states ReadWriteWeb. The data comes from a new report put out by Arbor Networks.

“Google accounts for an ungodly share of the money that flows through the web space,” said Gary Reback in an article for the Standard. Google posted record third-quarter revenues of $5.94 billion, up 8% over the second quarter, due mostly to strong online advertising revenues, says the Industry Analyst Reporter.

Saying that Google is everywhere is putting it mildly. You can’t browse around without running into some of the most oddly placed Adsense ads that Google decides to put up, Google has its own cell phone with t-mobile (G1), its own browser (chrome), is making its own operating system (chrome os), and according to Dan Siroker helped propelled our President from the ground up. Also let’s not forget Google offers free WiFi on Virgin American flights. Google even as plans to conquer the ocean. Google has been granted its patent for a data center that floats on the ocean. And in an attempt to out do the Amazon Kindle; we have the arrival “Alex” a Google Android-based, dual screen e-book reader.

And better yet,

Through the power of Google analytics and Google profile, Google is your own personal stalker as Jay Ess sees it or Google is God, all-knowing offering everlasting eternity. Webmasters know basically everything they need or want to know about you. Geographic location, page views, how long you’re on the site, what software you’re using, what version of software is being used, even what browser and what resolution are being used. Your path through the website. The list is endless. The only thing that analytics doesn’t tell webmasters, is individual stats about their users (i.e. ip address). They save that information for themselves.

I say there’s no need to be afraid. Because what goes up eventual comes down. The Atlantic asked a better question, what scares Google…. Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, or Wikipedia. At Google its competitors may not be who you think.


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