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Pssst… I secretly enjoy reading them.

The more far-fetched the conspiracy, the better, I love it! Like others, I rarely find anything more than a grain of truth in any of them. And I agree that some of these “conspiracy” authors shouldn’t be left alone at night…

But I absolutely love it. Hidden assassins and witless patsies. Secretive meetings in smoky rooms. Rigged elections, UFOs, religions and secret societies, plots for world domination, or otherwise, if you’re peddling a good (even a not-so-good) conspiracy theory, then there is an audience for it. Check out

And I am along for the ride; just not along for the anti-Obama ones because I am pro-Obama 100% but all the other ones out there make for a good read.And I am not alone, like Clay Shirky states in the Long tail, our watercoolers are increasingly virtual – the people who gather around them are self-selected.

Like the people over at state, conspiracy theorist aren’t all just homeless guys that scream at fire hydrants, some can still afford a computer. Whether they wear a hat made of tinfoil or host the Glenn Beck show, you can be sure that their batsh*t craziness has been boiled down into something that sounds logical even when you’re on your meds.

It is through the power of web I am able to find all kinds sites and theories devoted to completely ridiculous such as the theory that Kentucky Fried Chicken makes black men impotent. Kentucky Fried Chicken has been claimed to be owned by the Klan and that the chicken is laced with a drug that makes only black men impotent. Ironically, the franchise is actually owned by an African-American. And Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Colonel Sanders’ will was rumored to have left 10% of KFC’s profits to the Ku Klux Klan.

Or the semi plausible one such as Marilyn Monroe Was Killed by the Kennedys. The iconic blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, died of a drug overdose (listed as “probable suicide”) on Aug. 5, 1962, at the age of 36. But ever since author Norman Mailer wrote in 1973 that he suspected a cover-up, theories have swirled that she was killed at the behest of President John Kennedy or his brother Attorney General Robert Kennedy, both of whom conspiracy theorists have linked her to romantically.

Just check out world mysterious for the top 31 conspiracies. If you just allow your mind to take you on that journey, some of these theories could have actually happened. Plus I you already a skeptic about the world and government then sites such as will only confirm your beliefs that the “MAN” is out to get you or there are some really crazy SOBs in this world. At the very least it is all very entertaining.

The people that run and post of these types of sites are really interesting, and well read. They put a lot time, energy and effort to come up these theories. Now where they there get their information is a horse of different color. They just throw so much stuff out there that I’ve never heard and have a logical explanation for everything that I have to give them credit. I mean, there are some very light reads on some of what they are talking about online that support what they says; but I’d really have to dig in and spend time like they do to completely confirm. So it could all be BS or could it…. you knows.


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