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….. so here it is. I gear up to start my day, I go to unpack laptop/notebook from its nice comfy, secure little bag. I take it out and place it on the table and begin to check my email. Then the next thing you know I get the low battery warning message on my screen.

I dig in the little black bag for battery adapter……and NOTHING, it is nowhere to be found. I frantically proceed to search every single outlet in the house, from the basement to the kitchen to even the bathrooms, because you just never know….and again NOTHING.

All I can think of is where the F… is my adapter. I retraced all my steps and the last place I can think of having it was in room 250C. I race to Georgetown, hoping, praying it was still in the classroom… and NOTHING. I check lost and found… and STRIKE OUT again. I contact the professor, the receptionist, and the office manager to see if anyone responsible compassionate soul turned a white Apple adapter… and NOPE, NO ONE.

It felt like 40 days and 40 nights had passed since I was last able to get connect to the Net (actually about half a day). I had no idea what was going in the world… eventhough my DirecTV with every channel known to man was less than a hundred feet away. I still felt isolated and cut off from civilization.

Lethe Basher has two great post on the isolation technology creates, Is the Internet Killing Culture and Social Technology Transforming Our World.

How long can a person go without being online?

I only lasted till 5 pm.

By 5:03pm, I was on my to the Apple store to pay what I assumed to be no more than $40 for a new adapter.

Boy……Was I WRONG.

The actual cost including tax was $82.95.

WTF… for damn battery charger… $82.95. I couldn’t believe it. Impeding despair and angry set in as I left with my newly acquired overpriced purchase.  Things I could have gotten for $82.95 consumed me from that point on.

  • IPOD Shuffle
  • A small malnourished child through Feed the Children for at least 8 months
  • Refrigerator/Freezer off of Craigslist
  • A scalped U2 ticket
  • 6 Bikini waxes
  • 3 Mani/Pedi’s depending on which salon you use
  • 26 Big Macs from McD’s
  • 20 GrandeSoy Chai’s from Starbucks
  • A knock off Louis Vuitton or Gucci bag
  • 60 1-gallon containers of milk
  • Go on a Caribbean cruise for a rate $35
  • Lastly you can survive up 75 days in: Timor-Leste, Malawi, Somalia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Yemen, Burundi, Afghanistan, Guinea-Bissau, Ethiopia, Niger, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, Zambia, and Eritrea because the average citizen makes less $2.50 a day

So for right now Apple sucks. I know I am not alone in this, O’Breilly released his frustration in Three Reasons Why Apple Sucks But iStill Use Their Products. I just can’t bring myself to open the package knowing I’ll be charged the 15% repackage fee when I eventually bring my newly acquired, overpriced adapter right back to the store.

As of 10:02am the next day I returned the unopened, untouched overpriced adapter back to the Apple store. And purchase a cheaper one on for about $30.00.

After a few days on a PC, I am sure I will fall back in Like again with all thing lovely and amazing about Apple.



  1. No joke. I’ve had to purchase 3 of them – mostly while stuck traveling. And you can’t exactly claim it on your expense report since it really was your fault for leaving it at home.

  2. Thank you for linking to my articles and telling your readers about them. I really appreciate it.


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